Thursday, 10 May 2012

Van Tunes Politics

We are currently a couple of hours away from our own beds for the first time in about 4 weeks. It has been a busy month, from The National Folk Festival in Canberra to Fairbridge Folk Festival in WA and then straight up to the Goldie and up and down the East Coast. It has been a great tour but more about that later.

We are heading home today for about 4 days before we head to Adelaide next weekend. I was the driver for the first 6 hours today because I was the one who got the least drunk last night. As I was the driver, I got to choose the tunes. It is rather difficult to choose music that will suite 7 peoples tastes, especially a bunch as random and discerning (fussy) as our band. So I thought I would give you a little insight into what was playing in the van today.

First up was some sweet trancey afro cuban tunes from Orlando "Cachaito" Lopez.
This record seemed to perfectly fit driving out of the blue mountains and pretty much everyone was asleep or comatose by the second tune, leaving me to have some mental health time.

Next up was the amazing French singer Camille. Her album Le Fil doesn't get played in the van very often (if ever) but it was just what my ears needed to hear. No cracking snare drums, no screaming gypsy solo's, just a girl with a beautiful voice and lots of songs, none of which i have any idea as to the meaning of.
This is a brilliant live version of a track from the album.

As we neared Sydney and the intenseness that is that city and the people who drive cars there, Shakti was chosen to abed the tension caused by these roads and people. 

With the tired setting in a bit the tempo needed to be raised, so next up was the Soundtrack to the Hbo series Treme. It is a great series with a killer soundtrack featuring such artists as Free Agent Brass Band, Trombone Shorty, Dr. John, Kermit Ruffins and even Louis Prima, but a stand out is from the opening of the first episode featuring The Rebirth Brass Band absolutely cranking. Check it out...

One of the later tracks on the soundtrack reminded me of the durge at the beginning of "Come Down to My Funeral" from the new Flap! record, so that had to be next. 
(this is from the first record, but you get the idea. awesome band)

As the sun was setting i had a massive urge to hear a track i have become a bit obsessed with since i was switched onto it late one night by some new friends in Coogee. This man has made a career out of a song with about 10 words, 2 chords and not much else, other than the ability to tell a bloody good story. Arlo you are my new hero. there is so many versions of this song but this has to be my favourite.

Flap got the pop music juices flowing so Gotye was next. His video just hit 200 Million views on youtube, witch is incredible, so i don't need to post it here. I should also mention Kat was my co pilot for this epic driving stint and like me can not listen to the Gotye record with out having to follow it up with Kimbra's Vows. That 30 seconds of her voice on Gotyes record just makes you crave more. This is a wicked live performance of a tune from the record, filmed at Sing Sing which incidentally is where we did our record. Seriously worth watching till the end. You will get it.

The cleanness, so to speak, needed to be got rid of a bit, cause it is the woohoo van after all, so Grinderman was the next thing to assault our ears, wake everyone the fuck up and get me over the line in my 6th hour of driving. The sun had set, the windows were down and the volume was definitely up! How awesome is Grinderman?

So awesome they deserve another video link. if your not convinced check this live clip.

Incidentally Grinderman was the first album that Adam Rhodes played in the studio after we had officially finished tracking the new record. we had an afternoon to spare so beers were cracked ping pong got serious and grinder man got cranked, on very, very expensive speakers. 

Then my driving stint was over, mainly because the driver seat is by far the most comfy seat in the van, so I was forced into exile to the back of the van. So I lay down and went into headphone sleepy land. Elbow's Build a Rocket Boys was my next choice (Asleep in the back would have been more fitting an album, but oh well) and then Florence got me to sleep, then we were home.

Other notable mentions for most played in the van this tour include:

Aretha - Live at Phillomore West
Marvin Gay - Best Of
The Beatles - Revolver
Juke Barritones records (cause we had to learn them, 
and because they are awesome)
and of course Zeppelin I

I hope you enjoy the tunes and look forward to bringing the next instalment.


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