Saturday, 17 March 2012

Help us find this man. In the name of love!

Hey cuties, it's Kat.

Top Right: Prince Derek.
Left: Helen('s breasts)

So this is my first blog right, and what better way to commence my blogging journey then to help my beautiful best friend Helen find the man of her dreams!

<---------------The man you see in this picture is the fugitive in question. Young looking chap with an incredibly intense beard! We saw him on the tram at about 12:15pm on fri, heading from Port Melbourne into the heart of the city. Had the eyes of an angel and he was listening to what sounded like some dirty, late 60's Rock 'n' Roll. And now Helen is in love. (And yes, I understand the image is rather invasive and borderline illegal, but guys, c'mon, we are talking about true love here, or at least exaggerated lust).

He appears to be a young, easy-going, music loving, self employed or artist type, with an incredibly calm aura and he seems unnaturally wise for his age.
Well at least, this is what Helen and I came up with in the next 20 minutes of our tram ride.
It's more than likely all bollocks, but we are dreamers!
We could have gone on to decide what his name could be (say, Derek), were he worked, and that he was a prince in some beautifully abundant European country, but that would be just lame and as if we would do that......... ;)

So, we would love to know if anyone knows of this "Prince Derek" or has seen him around, and if anybody can help out my sweetie Helen, so she can meet him and perhaps make him fall in love with her. :) If so, REPLY TO THIS BLOG BABES! :)

Ready.......... HUNT!!!!

Thank you, you beautiful humans!

Kat. xx
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  1. Errr. He looks an awful lot like Jordie Lane...

  2. It is definitely not Jordie Lane! My friend Nora has already staked her claim on him! I think he is over seas at the moment!

    1. He played in WA two weeks ago... that doesn't mean a lot i guess.