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I thought I'd start off my first blog with the first blog I ever wrote at uni and re-word a couple of things. Firstly, it applies mainly to performing artists and my philosophy of what I love to do as a musician. 

I'll write a lighter blog next time. I promise! 
 Soz if this is a little d & m for a Thursday arvo. 


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the time's come to actually realise where you want to head in this game called 'LIFE.' I believe that you need to be extremely open-minded and versatile, to have any success in life. If you're an artist who only conforms to one style and doesn't appreciate any others, it's going to be pretty tough to fit into the 'industry.'
I think it is important to have a certain direction, but never disregarding things completely is important.

There has to be truth in anything you decide to do. If there isn't, your work will never come across as honest. The appreciation for the ARTS, which in my view; parallels life, is what constantly inspires me. It's constantly changing and evolving, because our world/life/society is changing and evolving.

It's really crunch time! I've tried to set myself up with as many options as possible.
I've studied the Repertoire course at VCA, but have been venturing out and discovering my own passion for world music simultaneously. I feel that through learning the technique and discipline of repertoire music, this has been the core of my technical development as a musician.


I've developed a theory for the art of performing and being comfortable with performing dance music onstage.

There are 3 levels

1. Is just learning the notes to get you through the tune. You can play the tune, but there's a lot of thinking happening. Unfortunately, there's no time to actually communicate to band members or the audience, because you're still stuck on the notes.

2. Is you know the notes at a comfortable level to be able to be open sonically, mentally and emotionally to your band members, but you still rely on some guidance.

3. Is being so comfortable with the music you're creating, that it speaks to the audience through your entire being. You are completely open to your band members, the audience and are so alert simultaneously, that you can achieve anything. There's no limit, because all the technical work has happened. It's now all about the moment.

Success doesn't come without hard work and dedication to a common goal. All members must have chemistry and the skill to back that up. From that, will most definitely come success. Small scale to large scale. Success is success. If you feel good about what you're creating and people are smiling, I believe that's success.

There are no limits. If you want world class success, you can not have limits, because the world doesn't have limits on a global scale. There'll always be someone wanting something more than you.

I've been fortunate to play at many great venues and festivals nationally and internationally. I'm extremely excited with the direction of where The Woohoo Revue is going. There are big plans happening behind the scenes for the future, so I can only hold on to my seat, as this rollercoaster takes me on a journey of a lifetime!

See you there!

Written By
Sarah Busuttil
(Violinist of The Woohoo Revue)

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