Saturday, 3 March 2012

Introducing the band

The Woohoo Revue

The Woohoo Revue
Photo by Adam Taylor
Location Miss Succulent cafe 

Nic Ryan-Glenie (Trumpet)
This very cool and handsome devil is Big Red, the cafe owner's Dog, the guy holding Big Red is Nic the trumpet player, casual frontman and co song writer for the Woohoo Revue. He is a cheeky devil, trouble maker and a creative force to be reckoned with. Nic studied Jazz and contemporary music at NMIT and spends most of his days playing with his horn. When the band are touring he freely shares his odours in the van, frequently touches the drummer and wants to go swimming!       

Nic Ryan-Glenie
Photo Adam Taylor

Sarah Busutti (Violin)
Generally quiet and reserved, Sarah, The Woohoo Revue's violinist, transforms into a dynamic and exciting performer when she hits, not just the stage, but the bars, tables and the roadie's shoulders. She got her Bachelor in music at VCA and listens to Emile Autumn, Tori Amos, Edith Piaf, Tchaikovsky, Led Zeppelin, and Nigel Kennedy. You'd be surprised to learn that Sarah is a keen fisher woman and likes roller-coasters. 
Sarah Busutti- Her other gig is High Five!

Sam "booey" Boon
Better known as Booey to the rest of the band, he is a very funny, entertaining and sweet guy. Get a few drinks into him, egg him on, then stand back. Nude impromptu performances of the Benny Hill theme song, bumming rides off bikies in a lycra onesie in Tasmania and a surprisingly smooth and charming ladies man and dancer. He received his bachelor of music at VCA, knows who Chet Baker is and is a sex symbol.

Katherine Ades (Bass)
Kat is the newest and youngest member of the band and as she would put it "as firm as fuck." The day she deferred for a year from her bachelor of music course at NMIT she received a call from the band's management asking if she wanted to audition. The timing was perfect, she is a refreshing dynamic personality, much loved and a sex bomb.  She gets nostalgic for era's well before her time... the dancing, fashions, music and cultures of the 20's through to the 70's. Frequent outbursts of hilarity from the windows of moving vehicles. 

Katherine Ades
Photo Adam Taylor

Dannie McKenzie (Gutair)
 Dannie is the driving force and longest running member of the band. He assures us passionately that he is not a hippy, i repeat, is not a hippy! He has an epic CD collection, more CD's then you have in your itunes. He enjoys dysfunctional on again off again relationships with beautiful mad women. He loves to cook, drink beer, stay up late and assure us that he is not a hippy. Dannie went to music school too however it was that long ago it would seem strange to mention it.

Dannie McKenzie...Not a hippy?

Andy "Roulshie" Roulsh (Drums)
I was going to name the blog OCD Andy and encourage the band to spend pretty much most of the time teasing him. However that idea was not widely embraced so in homage to my original idea I
 named the blog with Andy in mind. Andy is a rock, he is an island and he will call you out when you are being "a fuck head." He packs the van, does most of the driving, organises itineraries and practices kung fu drumming. 

Andrew Roulsh... Sex symbol, outdoors man.
Words by Daniel Ogilvie

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